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July, 2011
Release 2.0 of CyberTalk completed

MSA signed with a nation's largest Chicago based retailer

RMIC signs a LTA with CyberKorp –support /maintenance

Cyberkorp signs an LTA (long term agreement) with United Nations- unified communication/AD

DW/BI practice started


About Our Company

1996: Staffing
CyberKorp started out in 1996 as an IT staffing firm based in Virginia.

2002: HQ Move
The company HQ was moved to the Chicago area, where it is today.

2005: Domestic Agile Delivery Center
The Chicago delivery center was built with the Agile approach to software delivery in mind. From inception, Agile has been in its DNA, and we run our projects - internal and external - under Agile principles. Customers new to Agile have embraced our iterative and flexible approach, and several customers are on the path to adopting it in-house.

2006: Outsourcing
The delivery center began offering long-term application support and maintenance.

2007: Financial Services
CyberKorp had accumulated a number of Financial Services customers, going back to 2000. By 2007 it became apparent that our in-house domain knowledge should be focused where it could deliver the highest value, thus our Capital Markets vertical was created.

Cyber Korp is a minority-owned 8(a) company.


CyberKorp has been a great partner to us towards application development and maintenance of some of our core business systems. - RMIC .

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