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CyberKorp's Cloud consulting practice focuses on Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud platform and covers the full lifecycle of Cloud Computing on Azure – from strategy and planning, through Cloud architecture and design, to implementation and support. Key elements of our Cloud consulting practice are “Cloud Enablers” which include Cloud Assessment & Roadmap services, Cloud Architecture services and Cloud Migration & Development services.

Value to Our Customers

Most Optimized and Guided Path to Cloud Adoption
With CyberKorp, you will receive effective business insight and technical expertise in strategizing, planning, and executing on Cloud computing initiatives on Microsoft’s Windows Azure & SQL Azure platform.  We bring our expertise to advise you on the most efficient and effective architectural decisions that are aligned with the future and reduce potential risks.  We’ll get you there faster and at less expense by drawing on our experience and applying the tools & frameworks we have developed.

Keeping Costs Under Control
CyberKorp will guide you with architecture and hosting recommendations that help you select the most cost-effective model for hosting your application on Microsoft’s Cloud platform; use the recommended tools to monitor and analyze the cost of your Cloud infrastructure in real-time; and keep your costs under control.

Improved Time-To-Market
Move your IT services and products to market in a much rapid pace and adjust to varying market conditions instantly.  With CyberKorp’s consultative services and approaches -Application development and deployment is simplified and optimized for the Cloud on Microsoft Azure, and you can scale up or down at a moment’s notice as demand changes.  The procurement cycle goes away and there’s no competing with other enterprise projects for attention from IT.

Elimination of IT Headaches
Cloud computing allows you to turn over many aspects of IT to your Cloud data center, saving your organization the work and cost of doing it yourself.  The problems of scalability and high availability are handled for you.  System management tasks such as patching are taken care of automatically.  Adjusting capacity higher – or lower – is a simple exercise through a management portal.

Competitive Edge through Innovation
New business models and technical capabilities from a Cloud platform can help you gain a distinct competitive advantage:
o Pay as you go with no up-front hardware costs
o Create highly collaborative solutions.
o Leverage virtual data warehousing
o Experiment freely, with no residual financial or contractual obligations.

Services Offering
Cloud Advisory and Roadmap Services
CyberKorp offers Cloud Advisory and Roadmap services for Microsoft Windows Azure to help business and IT executives plan and execute Cloud strategies with Microsoft Windows Azure platform, as part of their overall business and IT strategies.

Cloud Advisory Services include financial and business case analysis, strategic scenario planning, Cloud technology evaluation and selection, and ongoing Cloud mentoring and support. With the Cloud Roadmap services CyberKorp helps organizations:

o Understand major Cloud computing lifecycle stages and the necessary Cloud adoption planning and implementation activities to be considered as the organization develops and executes its Cloud strategy.
o Craft a tangible business and technical Cloud strategy, develop a Cloud reference architecture and potential Cloud deployment models
o Develop an implementation and governance plan for the Cloud

Cloud Architecture Services
CyberKorp offers Cloud Architecture services as part of its Cloud services portfolio to help customers develop suitable Cloud Architecture framework and patterns which are best aligned with their Cloud strategies and business requirements. CyberKorp helps develop all necessary artifacts and reference implementations needed for potential Cloud deployment scenarios to support identified Cloud use cases.

CyberKorp follows a reference architecture and reference implementation approach as an effective way for planning and implementing Cloud computing. CyberKorp's Cloud Computing Architecture services are built on a robust framework that accelerates the program execution and mitigate potential risks towards future Cloud computing implementation. As part of the Cloud Architecture Services we guide customer teams with modeling their Cloud use cases and business requirements against known and emerging Cloud patterns – finally deriving a robust Architecture for Cloud implementation.

Cloud Migration and Development Services
CyberKorp offers Cloud Migration and Development Services that take advantage of Cloud Computing technologies like Windows Azure and guide customers with a wide range of professional services to effectively manage their Cloud adoption projects - by migrating critical business functionality and applications to the Cloud and/or developing new application and service capabilities on the Cloud.

We understand how to successfully migrate applications to the Cloud through our early adoption of Azure Cloud platform. Most migrations can be done without making significant code changes. When necessary, we can develop applications, and can make any necessary code changes for the candidate system or application to scale better on the Cloud.

Our experience migrating and building applications for the Windows Azure Clouds speeds your Cloud adoption time. Using our repeatable process to Plan, Transfer, and Deploy to a Cloud environment, we can get you there faster and at a fraction of the cost associated with learning these new technologies. CyberKorp's primary objective with this service offering, is to support our customers to achieve continual and measurable benefits of migration to the Cloud.

For Windows Azure, CyberKorp Consultants lead deliver consulting services on:
o SQL Windows Azure
o Windows Azure Fabric and Fabric Controller
o Windows Azure SDK
o Windows Azure Portal
o Diagnostics Management API
o Windows Azure logs

CyberKorp's services include guidance and best practices on Windows Azure:
o Authentication / State management
o Security
o Integration
o Data access
o Testing including use of stubs and mocks
o Configuration
o Performance tuning
o Build and Deployment

CyberKorp can provide guidance on using Windows Azure for:
o Web Applications
o Silverlight Applications
o Service Applications

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