Cloud-hosted messaging system for business continuity, disaster disaster recovery and alert monitoring.

AlertOps is a web based message routing system that allows Dispatch Stations and Control Centers to reach their operations personnel efficiently and immediately. Unlike conventional messaging systems that broadcasts email messages to everyone, AlertOps supports a message distribution over multiple channels. These include voice calls, emails, SMS and Instant Messaging. Additional channel can be incorporated as needed.

AlertOps also allows extensive customization of message distribution over these channels to meet the client's needs. AlertOps can also be customized to distribute messages based on geographic regions, called geo fencing. The messages can be prioritized by channel, by routes and by operations personnel. AlertOps supports receipt confirmation and acknowledgement from user responses. AlertOps has extensive reporting capabilities that give the management teams a bird's eye view of the interactions from control centers and operations team. 

AlertOps is a simple, easy to use tool that can be integrated easily with existing customer infrastructure.

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