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Collaborative Incident Management

AlertOps is a collaborative incident management solution that integrates multimodal communication, application monitoring response, change management, and service level management.

AlertOps revolutionizes the approach used by an IT workforce to integrate incident management identification, resolution and communication into a seamless exercise that emphasizes workforce interaction.

AlertOps is a highly customizable workflow engine capable of integrating into industry leading monitoring tools or being a stand alone solution. The integration options and stand alone features streamline the escalation and communication of critical events throughout an organization by involving key problem resolution staff when an event occurs. Change management tracking and transparency married to flexible service level management extensions makes AlertOps a reliable window into the IT incident management process for senior management.

Speed Time to Issue Resolution

Today, hardware and software monitoring and issue identification systems are as numerous and complex as the platforms they monitor. Many critical systems still rely on manual monitoring and notification to run at peak efficiency. Given these challenges IT service providers can quickly become overwhelmed.

Sorting the urgent issues from the routine ones and picking the right work flow to expedite issue resolution is part of the problem instead of the solution. Often, the notifications designed to jump start issue resolution become a “fire and forget” exercise where the workflow doesn’t guarantee all of the critical communication loops will be closed. AlertOps helps you obtain certainty regarding who received notification and clarity is available into who responded to the event.

You need a better way to reliably respond to critical system events and communicate in real time about issues that could affect your business. AlertOps turns events into workflows and distributes the resolution activities to your team inside of a Cloud based solution that integrates change management and service level management capabilities so your time can be spent fixing the problems not keeping a check list of who, what or when. You need to be able to distribute workloads and get the message to the right people at the right time.

AlertOps Closes the Loop

AlertOps’s bi-directional issue management methodology, AlertOps Back, ends information overload by giving your staff the ability to acknowledge notification, establish custom filter rules and on demand message threading for every user.

Visual FAST™
Transfer Agency software for Mutual Funds

Visual FAST is mutual fund transfer agency software that sets a new standard for power, extensibility, and ease of use. Now mutual fund companies, banks, and service agencies can perform transfer agency services more efficiently and at a reduced cost.

Visual FAST takes advantage of the latest client/server technologies, running on the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems, and Microsoft's SQL/Server database. The system can be run on a single personal computer (PC) or in a multi-server cluster environment supporting several hundred users and tens of thousands of transactions per day. Independently benchmarked by Veritest labs, Visual Fast has a proven capability for large scale processing.

Visual FAST is an all-inclusive product. There are no extra modules to purchase and no extra fees for adding new funds. All customers receive the full application set including unlimited support calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

The latest Microsoft's technologies enable Visual FAST to extend into large enterprise environments easily. Each customer receives a full data dictionary and Software Development Kit (SDK) which allows the customer to customize interface applications.

Data Integration tools for Capital Markets

Cyber Korp developed the MIDAS tool in response to a problem shared by a number of our clients: no simple, standard method of accessing market information and integrating that information into applications. MIDAS provides a simple API which serves as a single point of contact between your applications and Reuters market data.

MIDAS was designed using a Service Oriented Architecture, and processes the Reuters Data Scope Select feed. Customers are using MIDAS to facilitate functions such as Symbol Validation, Corporate Actions, Time-Series and End-of-Day Pricing.

Its use of XML files for both data and messaging means it is easily integrated into many standard platforms (.Net, Java, legacy technologies). And it stores your market data in an easy-to-query, local database.


CyberKorp has been a great partner to us towards application development and maintenance of some of our core business systems. - RMIC .

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